Duncan Penny
4th Dan Black Belt
Lead Instructor for Doushikai Martial Arts

My interest in martial arts started from a young age when I practiced Judo. I went on to represent my University but gave Judo up in my early twenties.

I was lucky enough to spend a number of years working in the USA and took up a Classical style of Okinawan Karate (Ryukyu Kempo). This style concentrated on using the techniques hidden within the forms for effective self-defense rather than the sport side of Karate which is often prevalent in the UK. I returned to the UK and discovered the Doushikai where I learned Shotokan Karate under Pam and David Batten. I found the Doushikai very interesting as it opened my eyes to the use of pressure points to make striking and locking techniques much more effective. I have been practicing Karate for over twenty years and I also study Wing Chun Kung Fu.

My teaching focuses on understanding the hidden techniques within the forms and developing drills to practice these to develop deep memory muscle. We find students really enjoy the drills versus “marching” up and down punching into thin air which is traditionally the way most clubs operate.

I am married with two grown up children one of which is a student at Doushikai. I also enjoy music and windsurfing.