Frequently asked questions

If your question is not answered below please fee free to contact us.
  1. Do I need any former martial arts experience?
    No - you are welcome to join us whether you have had martial arts experience before or not.
  2. Do I need any special equipment or a uniform to start training?
    No. Loose fitting sports clothing such as a T shirt and track suit bottoms are perfect to begin training.
  3. What would a typical training session encompass?
    We always do a gentle warm up and stretch followed by some basic techniques. There will then be work on the forms or kata which contain the self defence techniques included in the art. We also train on pairs work so we can practice the techniques on a real person without fear of injury. The techniques we teach include using pressure points to make techniques more effective. Contrary to popular belief striking forms only a small part of classical karate which is also rich in techniques against many types of grabs, strangles, bear hugs, and pushes.
  4. Do I need a high level of fitness to begin training?
    No. The type of martial arts we teach can be as physically demanding as you wish or as gentle as you wish. Even if you have a low level of fitness you will be able to take part and benefit from the physical aspects of the art.
  5. Are martial arts a good form of exercise?
    We believe that martial arts are an excellent way to become or stay fit, particularly into old age. It is notable that almost all the Karate masters lived to very long ages in times when average life expectancy around the world was much shorter that it is today. Our sessions include stretching, cardio and strength training so are very all round. The Kata are like moving meditation and are likely to have excellent mental benefits as well as physical benefits.
  6. What is the atmosphere at the club like?
    We are a family oriented friendly club. We have a strong junior section and the club has produced over 10 black belts who first started training at Doushikai. Our instructors are always conscious that we are teaching a combat art and we take utmost care to ensure that our students are training in a friendly and safe environmental.