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Reasons Why Your Child May Benefit From Learning Martial Arts

Study of martial arts has many benefits, particularly for children. We have captured some of them below:


  1. Confidence – study of a martial art gives a young person confidence in the way they carry and project themselves. This makes them less likely to be bullied or identified as a potential victim.

  2. Focus and concentration – although our teaching is designed to be fun and engaging for the children it will also require them to focus and concentrate.

  3. Discipline – the martial arts we teach is designed to be fun but is also taught in a disciplined and respectful environment. Not only does this help develop a respectful attitude towards others but also helps develop self-discipline.

  4. Self-esteem – it is pleasing to see how quickly the children progress. They see things demonstrated in the classes that they believe are beyond them but within a short period of time they find they are able to master these new skills. This teaches them that hard work and perseverance pays off.

  5. Fitness – in these times of rising obesity and sedentary life styles the martial arts provide an excellent all-round physical activity building strength, flexibility and cardio vascular fitness in the ways many sports cannot.

  6. Self-defence – although the primary objective of a martial art is self-defence the art will not make anyone invincible and we teach that its use is a last resort. The best self-defence strategy of the martial arts is avoidance and awareness. We teach exercises to help our students become very aware of their environment, so they avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

  7. Mindfulness and stress relief – much of our training involves teaching our students set exercises or forms called kata. The kata contain the principles and techniqiues of the art but are effectively moving mediation which help students to deal with stress and relax.

  8. Teaching – it is expected that all students of the martial arts teach the newer members. Our students therefore gain valuable experience teaching others from a very young age. Teaching is actually considered part of the training as we can never say we really know something well until we can teach it to another. The act of teaching in martial arts is considered “looking in the mirror”. You can see your own movement, strengths and weaknesses in watching someone demonstrate what you have taught them. We have children as young as 8 demonstrating and showing techniques to other students. This helps in building confidence.

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